The most popular choice for bedding has always been the plain basic colors: white and ivory.

Egyptian Giza Cotton Sheets - Color IVORY

These colors are definitely the best choice if you have already chosen the main color and decorative theme for your room and are having an hard time to find the right linens to match. A different pattern or set of colors will make a room scheme seem disjointed whereas you can just make the bed with white or ivory linens to match any color scheme by tossing in the right accent cushions and a nice throw.

Begin with a luxurious ivory or white bedding ensemble and then choose some decorative pillows to go with your wall and ceiling paint, windows curtains, carpet, work of art or any other relevant bedroom element.

If you have not yet chosen the color scheme for your room then you will have a whole world of possibilities to choose from.

Classic Italian Cable Embroidery Bedding - Color CELERY

Start planning your color scheme using a mood board.
It will give you a direction for creativity, somewhere to save your thoughts and a fun way to share your ideas with others.

Here is a great online moodboard tool: OLIOBOARD

Choose first your main base color from the color wheel. This might be your favorite color or one that you particularly liked in an image from a magazine, and you would love to see in your bedroom. 


To be on the safe side you may follow one of those proven schemes.

TONAL - this is the easiest way to go: use just one color but varying tones of it throughout your bedroom or use more than one color but all with the same depth of tone.

HARMONIOUS - pick colors next to each other or near each other on the wheel. These schemes generally give an easy to live with look, restful and comfortable.

COMPLEMENTARY - or 'contrasting' colors lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel. Complementary colors usually inject a burst of life into a scheme, and will make more of an impact sprucing up your bedroom decor. On the other side it might not be so easy to live with (meaning that you may either love it or hate it).

Don't limit your creativity or be afraid to dare though, there are endless possibilities to create stunning color schemes for Your bedroom. 

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