There are endless possibilities to create stunning color schemes when you play with your bed linens colors.

Here below are some personal suggestion for a few high impact color schemes you can implement in your own bedroom right now.


Neutral Color Palette

1 Ivory 
2 Mocha
3 Platinum
4 Caramel

Most interiors furnished with natural warm colored materials such as stone, wood, skin, cement have a fair proportion of Grey-Brown shadow and are usually lighted with predominantly warm light. So a neutral color palette need to be warmed up a little as well to blend smoothly.

1940s NEW YORK

1940's New York Style Color Palette

1 Ivory
2 Celery
3 Marine Blue
4 Aquamarine
5 Lilac
6 Lavender

If you make the celery green color predominant you will rather have an Art Deco Miami palette. Or use it just as a subtle accent as in the original sophisticated interior design scheme inspired by New York in the 1940s.


Water and Air Color Palette

1 Aquamarine
2 Eucalyptus
3 Chocolate
4 Ivory
5 Platinum
6 Celery

Here are the colors of water and air in contrast with those of chalk and earth.

That’s a modern palette that can ideally suite the concept of “light, space and clarity”.

Chocolate is actually the key color here as without it all the other colors will appear far more bland.


Japanese Style Color Palette

1 Tangerine
2 White
3 Black
4 Blue

This four colors palette represents a traditional decorative scheme that was mentioned already in the first pieces of Japanese history dating back to the eight century.

These four colors are still deeply related to the modern Japanese culture and make a powerful color palette.


Fifties Vogue

1 Terracotta
2 Ivory
3 Marine Blue

Vintage feels from the 1950s and ‘60s with these three primary colors palette. Keep the Ivory as the main tone, add on Marine Blue and leave the Terracotta as an accent.


Tuscan Style Color Palette

1 Wine
2 Tangerine
4 Aquamarine
5 Platinum
6 Eucalyptus

If "Under the Tuscan Sun" left you breathless and hopelessly in Love with Tuscan style decorating, you are certainly not alone. Bring a feel of Tuscany to your own bedroom, mixing and matching colors from this eclectic scheme.



1 Wine
2 Caramel
3 Terracotta
4 Marine Blue

The bright chromatic optimism of the 1990s seems to be giving way to a more complex and restrained taste for muted colors. These colors slot right into that taste being a real icon of the new Millennium.


Italian Renaissance Color Palette

3 Aquamarine
4 Violet
5 Eucalyptus
6 Deep Blue
7 Celery
8 Marine Blue
9 Butter
10 Light Blue

This complex color combination is inspired by the vibrant hand painted glazed terracottas from the Italian fifteenth century.

The colors are striking for their family resemblance. Optically they each contain about the same amount of hue and same amount of black and white.

No one color jumps out for being too intense. As a consequence they can all be used successfully together in virtually any combination.

You can put to work any of the above ready made color palette right now with Belvivere’s Medici luxury bedding collection

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