Christmas thanks from Florence Italy

So here we are's christmas time! I'm not going to do the longest post ever, but I really wanted to say hi to some people in a more 'personal' way. Some treasures I've met..(see previous post) and some that are wishing me a nice day, every day on this is for you:

To Chedva!
My first real twitter friend! Great person to chat with and utterly sweet.. go check her out on:

Home-office-family-life | Photos by Shay Adam, courtesy of Orly Robinson

Then a lot of wonderful woman followed, like Toma whom I (we) would like to thank for her enthousiasm about our products... we are fortunate to have a client like herself (and her hubby !!!). She does some great antique tours all over Europe and I am a real big fan of her and what she does... go check her out on:

Antiques diva in England | Photo : Antiques Diva

Then I've met Carina (thank you so much for your sweet words on my last post !!) a beautiful lady with the most gorgeous red hair I've ever seen... se makes some absolutely stunning photo's and postcards... check her out on: > really amazing

Then I've met Lynn and Norma, they are fantastic... thanks for sharing your lovely wine with me ! (seen previous post)

Then there is Yvette van Boven, I'm probably her biggest fan...that's nog bragging, but I really think she does amazing foodstyling and she is utterly creative ! She has to be a great cook as well cause she wrote three cook books and even went to New York to promote one of them.... I promise I will buy her book as soon as I have some time to actually read something :-) Check her out on:

Miljonair, photography RenĂ© Kramers | Foodstyling: Yvette van Boven

Tara Bradford! Another amazing photographer, sweetest girl on twitter that's for sure! Hope you'll be happy in your new home Tara !! Check her out on:

Photo: Tara Bradfort (Paris Parfait)

Shelley (whykemgirl on twitter)..gosh she is the greatest... I'm happy to have been her first twitter friend! She always thinks of me and suggest people to 'come' and meet me and Belvivere...That's awesome! Thank you're great and I really hope to meet you one day!

Then there is Frankie Durbin... , would really like to meet her (should go to Dallas :-) I really love her blogpost and her blog so check her out on:

The venti caffe
Last but not least Laila! She on my top list of people whom I am going to meet for sure... it's just a matter of time... Truely sweet and amazing woman, check out her Paris love appartment that she rents out:

Laila's appartement in Paris !
Well this is the hardcore twitter girl group to whom I love to say 'Goodmorning' and 'Goodnight' on twitter almost every day, hope you love them as much as I do :-)

Photo: Agatha Loonstra

Thank you girls for not throwing me out of your '@mentions'.. I'm peaking behind the curtain hoping to be around more next year to follow, discuss, chat and say hi to you all... but for now:

Photo: Me :-)

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  1. You are amazing! Thank you for the daily greetings and friendship. Really, we have to get together in 2012, in the Netherlands or Italy! Joyeux Noel et bon annee, ma cher ami! xx


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