Belvivere meets some real people (again)

Unfortunately it has been a while, I have been so busy with new things that are going on with Belvivere and some new projects I'm working on, that I haven't had the chance to write much on my blog.

That doesn't mean that I'm not engaged in what's going on with Belvivere's 'social life', I'm just looking, peeping behind the curtains.
Sorrento Collection 

I've often written, I love twitter because I've met so many wonderful people through this media. Some I've already met in person like Toma (The Antiques Diva) and Carina (Caramsfrance).

Norma Thiessen

A few days ago I was lucky to have met the wonderful Lynn ( Lynn Knowlton-Design the Life You Want to Live) and Norma (My Beautiful Paris) for a glass of wine in one of the finest hotels in Florence. It was an absolutely lovely experience and I was so enthousiastic that I probably talked to much :-)

Lynne Knowlton

I would like to thank Shelley (Wykehamgirl) for setting this meeting up and almost pushing us to meet. For me it really was a great experience to have met these two wonderful woman. We only met for a glass of wine and only for one hour, but that was enough for me to be enthousiastic about Norma and Lynn and to introduce you to them. I really hope you will go and check them out!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend and don't forget:
You'll sleep better between Italian Luxury Sheets!


  1. How fun that you've met! I'm sure you had a fabulous time together, even if it was just 1 hour. xo

  2. You are simple gorgeous Rosanna.

    I just dropped in to look for a divine Christmas wreath you shared last year and noticed you were talking about us meeting :))

    I'm so happy we did meet and I can't wait for you to come to Paris, or for me to come back to Florence.....

    I love that the world is getting smaller.




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