Every day Fine Table linens (Tuscan cook & Table Cloth Part III)

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Don't let your best table linens get old in a cupboard, use them whenever you feel like setting a nice table. Use them for a sundaymorning brunch or for a cozy family dinner. Cooking something special for family and friends and using special high quality table linen can be a real treat, also for yourself.

 Foto: barefootintheorchard.blogspot.com
 It's not hard to set a nice table if you already have a beautiful table cloth. Try and lay a fresh flowers on everyones napkin or a little branch of Rosemary. If you have any herbs in your garden you can make a little bouquet and also have a lovely fresh perfume while eating. (You can also put some lemons on the table and scratch them a bit so they release their fresh & clean scent!)

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Talking about Rosemary, here is a very special recipe that Aurelio Barattini (The Tuscan Cook) wanted to share with you:

Filetto di Manzo all'Alpina 
"Beef fillet with porcini mushroom cap"

Ingredients for 4

- 4 beef fillets
- 4 porcini mushrooms caps
- extra virgin olive oil
- garlic
- calamint
- chilli
- salt

Clean the fresh porcini mushrooms caps. Put them in a baking pan and season with olive oil, salt, red pepper, sliced garlic, calamint and a splash of wine. Cook in oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees. Cook the tenderloin on the grill. Then place the fillet on a plate and above the cap of porcini mushrooms. Dress with extra virgin olive oil.

Accompany with a red Sangiovese wine

Writers Note: Take a branch of Rosmary and and put it on the mushroom cap and push it into the meat, the cap stays on the beaf and it's a very original way to present this recipe !

Buon Apettito!

Here are some useful LINKS:

1. Don't worry! You can wash your quality table linen on high temperatures (especially Belgian Linen) and they are quiet easy to iron as well. (you're worry about stains? read HERE how you can remove the most common ones)

2. If you want to see some Herb bouquet inspiration, have a look at : barefootintheorchard.blogspot.com/

3. I would like to thank the Tuscan Cook for his collaboration!  Do you want Aurelio in YOUR kitchen ? www.aureliobarattini.com

4. I really want to know what a Porcino mushroom is, have a wiki look: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boletus_edulis

5. I heard about Calamint but what kind of herb is that ? have a wiki look: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calamintha

Recipe By: Aurelio Barattini

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