The Antiques Diva goes Tuscany !

The Antiques Diva did it again! This time in Italy. Toma and her expert team is awaiting you in Tuscany!
They will not only show you the best and most beautiful Antique shops and flea markets of Florence, Siena, Arezzo...... , they will let you live and savour the Italian Lifestyle

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Fontana di Nettuno and Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence Italy
Photo By: Mrs Conti copyright 2011

Toma, what can one expect by booking an Antique Diva Tour in Italy ?
Well you can can expect flea markets and Ferragamo as well as fragrant sessions with an haute-couture perfumer, creating custom scents just for you.  You can Wrap yourself in luxury Italian linens or linger in Lucca, enjoying the local wines and gourmet delicacies. Try and stay in Siena visiting antique sales or shop for salvaged pieces at secret sources. Go on and Search the streets of Arezzo looking for religious relics and rustic pieces.  And while you’re at it, book a cooking course, a day at the outlets or visit our favorite vineyards with our Diva Excursions.  On Antiques Diva ® Italian Tours you’re guaranteed to enjoy La Dolce Diva as we share not just antiques but Italian lifestyle!

Meeting Toma, The Antique Diva herself
I was so happy to have met Toma during her stay in Florence and I am so excited that she now organizes her Famous Diva Tours here in TuscanyThe Antique Diva has so many tours and Ideas custom made for you, that the best thing for you to do, is check out her website : . 

Belvivere Loves; Antique Diva goes Oltrarno
We at Belvivere would really love to reccomend the Oltrarno tour, our absolute favorite zone in Florence. Still full of ancient artisan workshops of all kind that make you really 'taste & feel' the real Italian craftmanship, famous all over the world.

Belvivere's favorite Antique Diva Tour:

Florence – Oltarno “The Other Side of the Arno” 
Available Tuesday through Sunday
+ Special visits to Flea Market on the 2nd Sunday of the Month

Join us as we step to “The Other Side of the Arno” as we visit one of the most interesting and lively parts  of Florence, a curious mix of class and culture. Initially the poorest quarters of Florence, it was gentrified when the Medici’s moved into the Pitti Palace building.  A lively area to explore full of colour, movement and inspiration. Here we get a true taste of Florence with two very stark contrasts between the noble palaces around the Palazzo Pitti and the neighbouring elegant and prestigious antiquarians to the hustle and bustle of San Jacopo, Santo Spirito, and San Frediano where you can see the furniture restorers at work, cruise the quirky antique shops whilst rubbing shoulders with up and coming artists. A real Florentine experience. We’ll escape to the quieter area of San Niccolo with its specialist stores and artisan workshops and while a visit to the Via Maggio is a must, we’ll go deeper poking around the narrower surrounding streets where surprises unfold. Everything from period antique furniture, quirky collector’s pieces to silversmiths, restorers and guilders to custom made frames, lampshades.  When the day is done, we’ll be right on time for doing a wine & olive oil tasting in a favourite enoteca.

Belvivere highly reccomends Antique Diva Tours and wishes Toma & her team all the best !

Pictures by: The Antique Diva unless otherwise stated - 
Text also by: The Antique Diva 


  1. Absolutely honored that you wrote about our tours on your wonderful blog!! Grazie Mille!!!!

  2. What a marvelous article. Toma's Italian Tours are the best!


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