Tuscan Food and Table cloth - part I -

Copyright 2011 Aurelio Barattini

I'm trying to write a blog post about Tuscan Food and setting the dinner table. I have the table cloth and many lovely ideas on how to set a nice table, but unfortunatly I am not a great cook. So I had to find someone to help me on that, right? 

Ok, first things first,
So let's start in the kitchen:

If you are into Tuscan Food, you should meet Aurelio Barattini I met Aurelio through twitter and he is the fourth generation in a family of restaurant owners and cooks in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy). In my next post I will introduce him and his fabulous cooking, but here is already a small anticipation!

Copyright 2011 Aurelio Barattini
" Aurelio was born in Lucca and grew up just above his family's restaurant Antica Locanda di Sesto. Every morning he woke with the aromas coming out of the kitchen where his grandmother Ida was already busy preparing. " 

Don't worry there will be more of Aurelio and his genuine Tuscan cuisine... soon !

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