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It's been about a year now that I joined the Twitter community. I've met so many wonderful and creative people from all over the world. But my first real 'twitter friend' was Chedva (@Chedvak) i followed her 'progress' during the year and I must say: wauw! 
Design Dream...
Chedva went for her dream; DeSign.... and now she works with some of the most wonderful blogs, magazines and people, but most of all she started her own design-blog or blogazine how she likes to call it: ...

* Who si Chedva?
Chedva Kleinhandler is a design journalist, blogger and consultant. As a journalist who started as a blogger (a rare feat in her country) she strives to bring a breath of freshness to any and all of her occupations. Her work as a journalist and the fact that she is a Twitter junky (and a book warm) help her approach the most interesting people and trends in Israel, America and abroad. Being a mother who learned to survive on very little sleep helps too…

Secret Garden. Photography: Udi Salmanovicz

* Who is Rooms and words ?
Rooms and Words was born out of love for blogs, magazines, and first and formost – design. Chedva loves design but is not willing to give up on quality content. She will serve you interviews with the greatest designers – and those who will be that in the future, she will highlight, review and sometimes criticize the latest trends – and tell you about the provenance of various design elements. Rooms and words is a fun place to browse pretty pictures on your coffee break – and also go deeper and share thoughts on design. Chedva likes to call Rooms & Words a blogazine: a blog with magazine-like content or perhaps a magazine updated with a frequency of a blog. So come on, grab a chair (Louis, Eames, Panton or Bergere – we love them all) and join Chedva on her exciting adventure..... 

* Tekst by Chedva


  1. Oh my gosh, Rosanna! Thank you so so much. This is so sweet of you. xo Chedva

  2. I wish you all the succes in the world Chedva!

  3. What a lovely post! Sending best wishes to you both! xo


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