Belvivere goes Dutch

We have been spending most of our summer holidays in Holland, a small, lovely country gently nested between Belgium and Germany. We rented a nice little farm's pigshed, restored into a beautiful and cozy Dutch holidayhouse. From our garden right on the river banks we wachted boats passing by and took a dip ourselfs on one of the few warm sunny days Holland gave us.

Of course I could not tell you about our holiday without sharing some 'textile secrets'! Some beautiful and exclusive textile prints come from the old village of Staphorst. Staphorst is an authentic gem, one of the few places in Holland where woman still wear their folkloric costume. Walking around this gracious little town you can still see, mostly elder woman dressed in their beautiful traditional clothes walking the ancient streets or working their farmhouse garden.

Some of the woman of Staphorst still master the antique art of decorating fabric and objects with the so called 'stipwerk'. Using special tools or just a nail, with an old time craftmaship passed on from mother to daughter for centuries, they make simple and colorful flowers on fabric, wood and glass.
In 2007, 500 women still wore folkloric dresses, the youngest was 37 years old accordingly to the city hall of Staphorst.

Now how could i not go shopping for some of these tipical and special textile? There is one cozy little shop in Staphorst where the owners still wear their folkloric dresses, but unfortunally that shop was closed. So we went to Stegeman textiles in Rouveen, a little village next to Staphorst, where I found these lovely pieces of fabric.

The fabric comes in hights of 1.50 or 1.60 meters (1.64 or 1.75 yards) and is perfect for pillow cases, patchwork and children's bedding.
I am planning to make some pillows for some old wooden art-deco chairs I bought recently, to give them a french peasant look. I also promised my daughter to make here a little sheet and pillow for her wicker doll carriage. Also my French straw bags are screaming for some nice decoration, so who knows I will make something for them too.

 And you?  what would you love to do with this original Dutch fabric?

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