Summertime & fresh Belgian Linen

How I like to pamper myself in pure quality Belgian Linen sheets; crisp, clean, comfortable, soft yet strong, they last forever and are so fashionable.

But Why are linen sheets so great?
a) Well Linen is colorfast and the more it is washed and used, the softer and the stronger it gets.
Linen is also thermo-regulating meaning it's cool and breathable in the summer.

b) The flax (the plant of which the linen is made of) needs fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other crops (like cotton) and the fibers are recyclable and eventually biodegrade. 

c) Linen sheets wrinkle easily (but they are pressed easily as well) and I love the worn creased look of linen bedsheets... giving your room a classy shabby chic style.

Did you know linen is especially recommended for sensitive skin?
Belgium Linen is also very suitable for children's bedding, being non-allergenic and anti-bacterial. My kids love to sleep in Belgian Linen sheets, and I only want the best for them.

Did you know the best linen came from Belgium?
The linen plants (flax) have been grown and harvested for centuries in Belgium, There the linen is woven in a beautiful fabric accordingly to a time-honored tradition.

!) Never forget to ask about the linen flax origin, the very best quality only comes from Belgium !

Try the best...
If you only want the best, you should try our linen bedding made of pure premium belgian linen in bright white or a pastel ivory color tone.

Riviera Collection made of Pure Premium Belgian Linen 
 brought to you by Belvivere Luxury Italian Linens


Looking 'around'  for my 'Belgian Linen Inspiration Board' I came across some beautiful blogs like:

Dreamy Whites, Maria is one of my fave Bloggers, she almost has 5000 followers and counting. For the inspiration board I used a picture of her bedroom; I love the wooden doors as a very original bedheader, also the little red accented pillows are a nice 'final' touch on an all white bed.

I also came around the artist Karen Hollingsworth who makes some absolutely beautiful paintings, check out her blog: . The painting that I used for the inspiration board is absolutely amazing!

Another really nice blog is: . I just loved the single bed next to the big windows and all the French details on the wall.

Then of course there is Audrey , she is the absolut luxury of chic !

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