Luxury Bedding, the perfect wedding gift

Collecting items of clothing or household linen like  table linens, towels, bed linens and quilts in a Hope Chest (or Glory Box) before getting married, has always been a tradition of unmarried young women all over the world. 

Belvivere Luxury Bedding Venezia Collection

Unfortunatley this 'trousseau' tradition has been slowly fading away due to the consuming thirst of the 20th century. But have you ever thought about opening an antique linen chest ? Imagine pulling out  beautiful heirlooms ; A crisp linen table cloth or beautiful white soft cotten sateen sheets gently embellish with the sweetest lace? wouldn't that be so romantic?

Belvivere Luxury linens Boboli collections

Luxury bedding and  linens are here to stay. Buying high quality linens is a great investment  for you and your beloved ones. High quality Linens are also the perfect gift for newly weds, helping them to spruce up their new bedroom and leaving them with something durable that will last for ever. 

Belvivere Luxury Linens Giardino collection
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