The Luxury Bedding Makeover System

Spring is here, a great occasion to spruce up or change your bedroom d├ęcor. Are you looking for some simple ways to make your bedroom more beautiful?  The 'Bedroom Makeover System' from Luxury Linens Expert; Jay C Conti is the perfect way to start!

Changing your bedroom is fun and usually easy to do, but before you start it's important to understand the fundamentals of creating a bedroom that you will love to come home to. 

"A Step-by-Step Workbook To Dress Up a Beautiful Bed and Revamp Your Bedroom Decor"
by Jay C. Conti

Before Jay C Conti published his book 'The Luxury Bedding Makover System',  he wanted some experts to read it first, here is what they said :

“Love this! Powerful, practical and solid advice on luxury bedding makeover. Even applying just one of the tips after reading this book, gave my bed a boost of luxury. Apply Jay’s knowledge and you’ll feel much more confident to get started right away and to have the most luxurious bed every night!”

Angela Tunner

“As if taking you on a tour in a foreign country, Jay C Conti goes under the covers in ‘The Luxury Bedding Makeover System’, unraveling the mystery of thread count, teaching the language of linen & deciphering the nuances quality brings to your decor. Conti makes the redecorated bedroom a travel destination, in itself.”

Toma Clark Haines

 "Jay Conti provides clear and approachable advice for the contemporary domestic looking to restock their linen closet.  Confused about thread count? Textiles? Or bedding styles? -- Jay cuts through the jargon to make textiles approachable, leaving the reader with no choice but to enjoy a good night's sleep.  If you buy any book on bedroom decor, this one is it." 

 Coryanne Ettiene

Special thanks to Coryanne, Toma and Angela for their support and testimonials !

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  1. What a fantastic idea!! Who better than to gain insight from than the industries best! xo

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