Keep Your Quality Bed Linen Beautiful

Good washing instruction can 'save' your favorite clothes as well as your favorite bed linens! I like to wash my bed linen often. The more you wash them, the softer they become and what's better than sleeping under soft bed linens after a hard day of work?

My Luxury Italian Bedding | Photo By Mrs Conti Copyright 2011

My fave bedding are some old Italian linens with a pretty blue floral motive. My mother in law gave them to me because she likes to renew her linens more often than I do. I have them for like 13 years now and being my favorites' I washed and used them endless times, they are truly the softest bed linen I have ever had on my bed.

Photo by Mrs Conti Copyright 2011

I wrote down some washing instructions for you; follow these tips and I'll be sure that your favorite bed linen will remain beautiful and wear soft through endless washings without loosing it's fitting or color*.

Wash your Bed Linen in warm water with a gentle cycle and a cold-water rinse.
It's always better to wash your new Bed linen before you use them avoiding to overload the washing machine, which can cause the fibers to break down from excessive abrasion and agitation.

Be sure to use a neutral or mild detergent without any bleaching agents such as chlorine or peroxide that can weaken the fibers and cause them to become yellowish. If your Bed linen are not very soiled you can use half of the recommended amount of detergent, doing nature a favor.

The Laundress, NYC
Shake out the damp of your Bed linen before placing them in the dryer and set it on a low heat setting. Don't wash or especially dry your bed linen on a hot setting, they will shrink! Of course all natural fibers shrink to some extent but washing or drying them to hot, will definitely ruin the perfect fit for ever.

Embroidery & Silk....
If you have any embroidered items it's best to wash them separately. Add a bit of salt to the water which brightens and enhances the colors of the embroidery. Your silk linens can be machine washed as well but only on a gentle cycle.

* Here we only talk about High Quality Luxury Linens, as cheap poor quality linens will loose fit and color even if  you wash&dry them 'the right way ' .....

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