Hotel Discovery, Part I

H&H, that stands for 'Home Hotel', is truly a place that has what it takes to satisfy the needs of a traveller who wants to feel at home while being far away. Completely decorated in white with a touch of gold finishing this hotel just shines with the idea of simplicity, elegance and privacy.

The interior design of Hotel Home Florence is based on a concept by the 'Cyrus Company'. This company has a fresh, cutting-edge, down to earth style that I really like. They have such a careful eye to current tastes and trends, yet they have their own style. The 'Cyrus Company' is one of the Italian artisan' companies to keep an eye on!

Now mix the Home Hotel with the Cyrus Company and you have your Home in Florence. Mix your best memories of those Luxury Hotel Linens with Artisan Quality, Italian design and great comfort and you'll have your own Luxury Bedding experience at home. 

The Milano Luxury Hotel Collection is especially designed for those travellers who want to bring that exquisite Hotel atmosphere back home. Egyptian Cotton Sateen 430 TC with a three line satin stitch that comes in 18 colors to suite your bedroom design, is the perfect answer to your needs.
Now what's your Favorite Hotel in Florence, Italy?

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