There are endless possibilities to create stunning color schemes when you play with your bed linens colors.

Here below are some personal suggestion for a few high impact color schemes you can implement in your own bedroom right now.


Neutral Color Palette

1 Ivory 
2 Mocha
3 Platinum
4 Caramel

Most interiors furnished with natural warm colored materials such as stone, wood, skin, cement have a fair proportion of Grey-Brown shadow and are usually lighted with predominantly warm light. So a neutral color palette need to be warmed up a little as well to blend smoothly.

1940s NEW YORK

1940's New York Style Color Palette

1 Ivory
2 Celery
3 Marine Blue
4 Aquamarine
5 Lilac
6 Lavender

If you make the celery green color predominant you will rather have an Art Deco Miami palette. Or use it just as a subtle accent as in the original sophisticated interior design scheme inspired by New York in the 1940s.


Water and Air Color Palette

1 Aquamarine
2 Eucalyptus
3 Chocolate
4 Ivory
5 Platinum
6 Celery

Here are the colors of water and air in contrast with those of chalk and earth.

That’s a modern palette that can ideally suite the concept of “light, space and clarity”.

Chocolate is actually the key color here as without it all the other colors will appear far more bland.


Japanese Style Color Palette

1 Tangerine
2 White
3 Black
4 Blue

This four colors palette represents a traditional decorative scheme that was mentioned already in the first pieces of Japanese history dating back to the eight century.

These four colors are still deeply related to the modern Japanese culture and make a powerful color palette.


Fifties Vogue

1 Terracotta
2 Ivory
3 Marine Blue

Vintage feels from the 1950s and ‘60s with these three primary colors palette. Keep the Ivory as the main tone, add on Marine Blue and leave the Terracotta as an accent.


Tuscan Style Color Palette

1 Wine
2 Tangerine
4 Aquamarine
5 Platinum
6 Eucalyptus

If "Under the Tuscan Sun" left you breathless and hopelessly in Love with Tuscan style decorating, you are certainly not alone. Bring a feel of Tuscany to your own bedroom, mixing and matching colors from this eclectic scheme.



1 Wine
2 Caramel
3 Terracotta
4 Marine Blue

The bright chromatic optimism of the 1990s seems to be giving way to a more complex and restrained taste for muted colors. These colors slot right into that taste being a real icon of the new Millennium.


Italian Renaissance Color Palette

3 Aquamarine
4 Violet
5 Eucalyptus
6 Deep Blue
7 Celery
8 Marine Blue
9 Butter
10 Light Blue

This complex color combination is inspired by the vibrant hand painted glazed terracottas from the Italian fifteenth century.

The colors are striking for their family resemblance. Optically they each contain about the same amount of hue and same amount of black and white.

No one color jumps out for being too intense. As a consequence they can all be used successfully together in virtually any combination.

You can put to work any of the above ready made color palette right now with Belvivere’s Medici luxury bedding collection

Choose from a full array of bed linens colors available in solid Egyptian cotton sateen and mix and match them to create your dream bedroom today!


I am an Olioboard big time fan.

It’s really a great way to put together a mood board online and see your ideas becoming reality live on your computer screen.

Really cool.

I was about to jot down some nice summertime bedroom design ideas to display the new Belvivere Luxury Bedding collection “on stage” when I stumbled onto these beautiful boards.

You can use them as a step by step blueprint for a complete bedroom makeover (as there are live links to all the individual items on display) or just as a source of inspiration to refresh your current bedroom with some new decorative objects.

That’s up to you….

Ok, here are 3 fresh bedroom decorating ideas you can put to work right now to revamp your whole room:

1. The Pool House Bedroom

Love the serpentine rug and the beautiful armchair with Hermes decorative pillow.

I think Belvivere’s Milano Bedding collection in white with eucalyptus embroidery would be a perfect add on. A set of luxury sheets with pillowcases, duvet cover and shams.

Milano Luxury Bedding Collection - White/Eucalyptus

2. The Summertime Bedroom

I like all the marine decorative pillows with corals, sea shells and multicolored stripes. 

Not crazy about the IKEA bed……

Would love to see in that kind of bedroom the Riviera bedding collection from Belvivere Luxury Linens in white cotton percale with blue tonal stripes.

Riviera Luxury Bedding Ensemble - White/Blue stripes

3. The Cosmopolitan Bedroom

Here I would keep the main focus on the bed itself with its beautiful black vinyl tufted headboard. The Moorish wallpaper on the back is a perfect match too!

For bed linens, I would keep them plain and simple. What about Luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets in white, with a matching duvet cover and a quilted coverlet folded at the bottom of the bed?

Medici Collection : Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bedding / White

You can browse Olioboard yourself and discover more source of inspiration among thousands of mood boards available online.

Just get started and make your ideas happen!


The most popular choice for bedding has always been the plain basic colors: white and ivory.

Egyptian Giza Cotton Sheets - Color IVORY

These colors are definitely the best choice if you have already chosen the main color and decorative theme for your room and are having an hard time to find the right linens to match. A different pattern or set of colors will make a room scheme seem disjointed whereas you can just make the bed with white or ivory linens to match any color scheme by tossing in the right accent cushions and a nice throw.

Begin with a luxurious ivory or white bedding ensemble and then choose some decorative pillows to go with your wall and ceiling paint, windows curtains, carpet, work of art or any other relevant bedroom element.

If you have not yet chosen the color scheme for your room then you will have a whole world of possibilities to choose from.

Classic Italian Cable Embroidery Bedding - Color CELERY

Start planning your color scheme using a mood board.
It will give you a direction for creativity, somewhere to save your thoughts and a fun way to share your ideas with others.

Here is a great online moodboard tool: OLIOBOARD

Choose first your main base color from the color wheel. This might be your favorite color or one that you particularly liked in an image from a magazine, and you would love to see in your bedroom. 


To be on the safe side you may follow one of those proven schemes.

TONAL - this is the easiest way to go: use just one color but varying tones of it throughout your bedroom or use more than one color but all with the same depth of tone.

HARMONIOUS - pick colors next to each other or near each other on the wheel. These schemes generally give an easy to live with look, restful and comfortable.

COMPLEMENTARY - or 'contrasting' colors lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel. Complementary colors usually inject a burst of life into a scheme, and will make more of an impact sprucing up your bedroom decor. On the other side it might not be so easy to live with (meaning that you may either love it or hate it).

Don't limit your creativity or be afraid to dare though, there are endless possibilities to create stunning color schemes for Your bedroom. 


“White... is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black... God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously as when He paints in white.”
                     - Gilbert K. Chesterton, English writer (1874-1936)

Aaaah……Pure, pristine white Linens.

Whatever Your Bedroom style or color palette is today, a beautiful bed with plain white linens will set the stage for great decorative impact.

It’s a blank canvas waiting to be written upon.

While color white isn't stimulating to the senses by itself, it opens the way for Your creative inspiration.

Use white as a primary color for your luxury bedding ensemble and toss in some decorative cushions in vibrant, contrasting colorways to add a dramatic touch and match your whole bedroom décor.

Make up your bed with a white sheets set and duvet cover and spruce it up with some textured accent pillows on top and two or three large square cushions on the back placed over the bed header.

Keep it all pure white for your bed to be the bright main focus in the room, while giving a clean neat cosmopolitan / contemporary look.

luxury white sheets

You can even add an attractive Quilted Coverlet and some cushiony pillow Shams to give a burst of color to an all white bedding.

From a pshychological perspective white in Western cultures is associated with purity and cleanliness (this is why it is traditionally worn by brides, and the reason why doctors wear white jackets).

White is a color of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope, helping soothe emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, that helps decluttering Your life.

White color affects Your mind with improved mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal, assisting in cleansing, clearing obstacles and clutter, and encouraging the purification of thoughts.

So if you still think white Linens are boring, think again. Whether you add a punchy coverlet, decorative pillows, or keep it monochrome, pure white sheeting lets you embrace any look you can dream up.

But, wait there’s more…...

Enter our giveaway for a Luxurious White bed sheets set.

Get your chance to win a fabulous set of Italian sheets made of amazingly soft Egyptian Cotton Sateen 430TC.
Available in King, California King and Queen size.
Color : White.
Retail value $467 


"I'm up all night to get lucky / We're up all night 'til the sun / We're up all night to get some / We're up all night for good fun / We're up all night to get lucky (x5)"
        - Get Lucky (Official Audio) - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams

The Legendary Story of Mr. Jumel and the discovery of MAKO' Cotton

Mako is a Premium Quality Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton. Finest grade Mako spins into much smoother, finer and stronger yarn than any other cotton in the world. Only weaving these fine yarns it is possible to achieve a true Single-ply 430 thread count sateen that is soft, lightweight and breathe well yet being durable, withstanding frequent washings.


About the year 1820 Monsieur LOUIS ALEXIS JUMEL, an active and enterprising Frenchman, discovered in a fine garden at Cairo belonging to a Bey (=arab Noblesman title) named MAKO EL ORFALI, some neglected cotton plants which had been placed there merely as objects of curiosity and embellishment. He examined them carefully, and was struck with the facility with which they adapted themselves to the soil and quickly became acclimated, and, after many observations and experiments, became convinced that the cultivation of the staple might be easily propagated throughout Egypt. It was then planted on large scale by the founder of modern Egypt, Mohammed Alì Pascià, symbol of the rebuilding of the country after the invasion of Napoleon's French troops.

"Notwithstanding all that he had done, however, poor JUMEL received no other special benefit than the application of his name to the Egyptian cotton, known in France and in Egypt itself as the Jumel cotton. But even this satisfaction was not to be left to him without a contest, for the English, with their immemorial jealousy of every title to glory won by their neighbors in France, even when it should bring only honor, disputed, or, at least, strove to ignore the title. They gave to the new cotton the name of the Bey in whose garden JUMEL had first seen the plants that suggested the enterprise, and gave it the title of "The MAKO Cotton." Under this appellation it has since become most extensively known and used in many portions of the earth."

-------The New York Times, June 26th 1864

Today, Mako cotton crops are cultivated in a tiny area east of the Nile delta and represent 0.5% of the total annual Egyptian cotton production. Cotton is picked by hand so only the flocks that are at the right stage of maturity are picked each time. The care taken with cultivating and manually picking the cotton avoids the use of defoliants and other chemical products commonly used with mechanized picking. Mako cotton fibres are extremely long (36 mm) and have a uniformity index of 88.5%. But what really makes this cotton exceptional is the fineness of its fibres, measured in micronaire, which is between 3.0 and 3.2, and the degree of brightness equal to 74.8, the best among the Extra Long Staple cottons. Despite this fineness, the stretching resistance of the Mako fibres is still high, an average of 44.30 g/tex.

These unique features of Brillance, Resistance, Cleanliness and Regularity of Mako Cotton fibers allow to spin fine-textured, lustrous yarns with a higher tensile strenght, ready to be densely woven into luxurious high thread count fabrics.

The Sheets made of this fine fabrics are extraordinarily soft with a silky hand, rich drape and a luminous sheen.

Higher thread count bed sheets are also stronger, more durable and much less likely to pill with washings and prolonged wear.

Christmas thanks from Florence Italy

So here we are's christmas time! I'm not going to do the longest post ever, but I really wanted to say hi to some people in a more 'personal' way. Some treasures I've met..(see previous post) and some that are wishing me a nice day, every day on this is for you:

To Chedva!
My first real twitter friend! Great person to chat with and utterly sweet.. go check her out on:

Home-office-family-life | Photos by Shay Adam, courtesy of Orly Robinson

Then a lot of wonderful woman followed, like Toma whom I (we) would like to thank for her enthousiasm about our products... we are fortunate to have a client like herself (and her hubby !!!). She does some great antique tours all over Europe and I am a real big fan of her and what she does... go check her out on:

Antiques diva in England | Photo : Antiques Diva

Then I've met Carina (thank you so much for your sweet words on my last post !!) a beautiful lady with the most gorgeous red hair I've ever seen... se makes some absolutely stunning photo's and postcards... check her out on: > really amazing

Then I've met Lynn and Norma, they are fantastic... thanks for sharing your lovely wine with me ! (seen previous post)

Then there is Yvette van Boven, I'm probably her biggest fan...that's nog bragging, but I really think she does amazing foodstyling and she is utterly creative ! She has to be a great cook as well cause she wrote three cook books and even went to New York to promote one of them.... I promise I will buy her book as soon as I have some time to actually read something :-) Check her out on:

Miljonair, photography René Kramers | Foodstyling: Yvette van Boven

Tara Bradford! Another amazing photographer, sweetest girl on twitter that's for sure! Hope you'll be happy in your new home Tara !! Check her out on:

Photo: Tara Bradfort (Paris Parfait)

Shelley (whykemgirl on twitter)..gosh she is the greatest... I'm happy to have been her first twitter friend! She always thinks of me and suggest people to 'come' and meet me and Belvivere...That's awesome! Thank you're great and I really hope to meet you one day!

Then there is Frankie Durbin... , would really like to meet her (should go to Dallas :-) I really love her blogpost and her blog so check her out on:

The venti caffe
Last but not least Laila! She on my top list of people whom I am going to meet for sure... it's just a matter of time... Truely sweet and amazing woman, check out her Paris love appartment that she rents out:

Laila's appartement in Paris !
Well this is the hardcore twitter girl group to whom I love to say 'Goodmorning' and 'Goodnight' on twitter almost every day, hope you love them as much as I do :-)

Photo: Agatha Loonstra

Thank you girls for not throwing me out of your '@mentions'.. I'm peaking behind the curtain hoping to be around more next year to follow, discuss, chat and say hi to you all... but for now:

Photo: Me :-)

Belvivere meets some real people (again)

Unfortunately it has been a while, I have been so busy with new things that are going on with Belvivere and some new projects I'm working on, that I haven't had the chance to write much on my blog.

That doesn't mean that I'm not engaged in what's going on with Belvivere's 'social life', I'm just looking, peeping behind the curtains.
Sorrento Collection 

I've often written, I love twitter because I've met so many wonderful people through this media. Some I've already met in person like Toma (The Antiques Diva) and Carina (Caramsfrance).

Norma Thiessen

A few days ago I was lucky to have met the wonderful Lynn ( Lynn Knowlton-Design the Life You Want to Live) and Norma (My Beautiful Paris) for a glass of wine in one of the finest hotels in Florence. It was an absolutely lovely experience and I was so enthousiastic that I probably talked to much :-)

Lynne Knowlton

I would like to thank Shelley (Wykehamgirl) for setting this meeting up and almost pushing us to meet. For me it really was a great experience to have met these two wonderful woman. We only met for a glass of wine and only for one hour, but that was enough for me to be enthousiastic about Norma and Lynn and to introduce you to them. I really hope you will go and check them out!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend and don't forget:
You'll sleep better between Italian Luxury Sheets!

High quality Italian Linen wedding registry

Thinking about getting married? Your head full of ideas for decoration and then of course your dress! Another mayor thing to consider is having your wedding wish list. Guests always love to buy gifts for newly weds and to make it more easy on them and on you, you should consider having your wedding wish list online.

Gift/wedding registry
Create your personal Gift Registry online with Belvivere Luxury Linens and then share it with family and friends! Be original and let your family and friends save money without getting you less quality! Belvivere Luxury Linens are made in Florence, Italy and directly shipped from the factory. Belvivere Luxury Linens meet the highest standards of quality, but enables you to save big time because there are no middle man or shops between the factory and YOU!

High quality
We all know that nowadays having good quality for the right price is not that easy to find, but at Belvivere Luxury Linens you are in the right place.

Fabric swatches
Maybe you want to have some swatches to see the colors or the quality of the fabric? No problem, visit our site and choose the linens you like, send us an email at: and we will be happy to send you the swatches in no-time!

Belviveres' Warehouse club
You can also check out our Belvivere Luxury Bed Sheet warehouse club online and get even more value for your money! With all the high quality standards and all our guarantees, you can't go wrong!

The Antiques Diva goes Tuscany !

The Antiques Diva did it again! This time in Italy. Toma and her expert team is awaiting you in Tuscany!
They will not only show you the best and most beautiful Antique shops and flea markets of Florence, Siena, Arezzo...... , they will let you live and savour the Italian Lifestyle

Want to know more about The Antiques Diva Tours around Europe? Check out one of my previous posts here >>

Fontana di Nettuno and Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence Italy
Photo By: Mrs Conti copyright 2011

Toma, what can one expect by booking an Antique Diva Tour in Italy ?
Well you can can expect flea markets and Ferragamo as well as fragrant sessions with an haute-couture perfumer, creating custom scents just for you.  You can Wrap yourself in luxury Italian linens or linger in Lucca, enjoying the local wines and gourmet delicacies. Try and stay in Siena visiting antique sales or shop for salvaged pieces at secret sources. Go on and Search the streets of Arezzo looking for religious relics and rustic pieces.  And while you’re at it, book a cooking course, a day at the outlets or visit our favorite vineyards with our Diva Excursions.  On Antiques Diva ® Italian Tours you’re guaranteed to enjoy La Dolce Diva as we share not just antiques but Italian lifestyle!

Meeting Toma, The Antique Diva herself
I was so happy to have met Toma during her stay in Florence and I am so excited that she now organizes her Famous Diva Tours here in TuscanyThe Antique Diva has so many tours and Ideas custom made for you, that the best thing for you to do, is check out her website : . 

Belvivere Loves; Antique Diva goes Oltrarno
We at Belvivere would really love to reccomend the Oltrarno tour, our absolute favorite zone in Florence. Still full of ancient artisan workshops of all kind that make you really 'taste & feel' the real Italian craftmanship, famous all over the world.

Belvivere's favorite Antique Diva Tour:

Florence – Oltarno “The Other Side of the Arno” 
Available Tuesday through Sunday
+ Special visits to Flea Market on the 2nd Sunday of the Month

Join us as we step to “The Other Side of the Arno” as we visit one of the most interesting and lively parts  of Florence, a curious mix of class and culture. Initially the poorest quarters of Florence, it was gentrified when the Medici’s moved into the Pitti Palace building.  A lively area to explore full of colour, movement and inspiration. Here we get a true taste of Florence with two very stark contrasts between the noble palaces around the Palazzo Pitti and the neighbouring elegant and prestigious antiquarians to the hustle and bustle of San Jacopo, Santo Spirito, and San Frediano where you can see the furniture restorers at work, cruise the quirky antique shops whilst rubbing shoulders with up and coming artists. A real Florentine experience. We’ll escape to the quieter area of San Niccolo with its specialist stores and artisan workshops and while a visit to the Via Maggio is a must, we’ll go deeper poking around the narrower surrounding streets where surprises unfold. Everything from period antique furniture, quirky collector’s pieces to silversmiths, restorers and guilders to custom made frames, lampshades.  When the day is done, we’ll be right on time for doing a wine & olive oil tasting in a favourite enoteca.

Belvivere highly reccomends Antique Diva Tours and wishes Toma & her team all the best !

Pictures by: The Antique Diva unless otherwise stated - 
Text also by: The Antique Diva 

Every day Fine Table linens (Tuscan cook & Table Cloth Part III)

Belvivere Luxury Table Linen :
Giardino Collection 100% Premium Belgian Linen available in  6 colorways.

Don't let your best table linens get old in a cupboard, use them whenever you feel like setting a nice table. Use them for a sundaymorning brunch or for a cozy family dinner. Cooking something special for family and friends and using special high quality table linen can be a real treat, also for yourself.

 It's not hard to set a nice table if you already have a beautiful table cloth. Try and lay a fresh flowers on everyones napkin or a little branch of Rosemary. If you have any herbs in your garden you can make a little bouquet and also have a lovely fresh perfume while eating. (You can also put some lemons on the table and scratch them a bit so they release their fresh & clean scent!)


Talking about Rosemary, here is a very special recipe that Aurelio Barattini (The Tuscan Cook) wanted to share with you:

Filetto di Manzo all'Alpina 
"Beef fillet with porcini mushroom cap"

Ingredients for 4

- 4 beef fillets
- 4 porcini mushrooms caps
- extra virgin olive oil
- garlic
- calamint
- chilli
- salt

Clean the fresh porcini mushrooms caps. Put them in a baking pan and season with olive oil, salt, red pepper, sliced garlic, calamint and a splash of wine. Cook in oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees. Cook the tenderloin on the grill. Then place the fillet on a plate and above the cap of porcini mushrooms. Dress with extra virgin olive oil.

Accompany with a red Sangiovese wine

Writers Note: Take a branch of Rosmary and and put it on the mushroom cap and push it into the meat, the cap stays on the beaf and it's a very original way to present this recipe !

Buon Apettito!

Here are some useful LINKS:

1. Don't worry! You can wash your quality table linen on high temperatures (especially Belgian Linen) and they are quiet easy to iron as well. (you're worry about stains? read HERE how you can remove the most common ones)

2. If you want to see some Herb bouquet inspiration, have a look at :

3. I would like to thank the Tuscan Cook for his collaboration!  Do you want Aurelio in YOUR kitchen ?

4. I really want to know what a Porcino mushroom is, have a wiki look:

5. I heard about Calamint but what kind of herb is that ? have a wiki look:

Recipe By: Aurelio Barattini

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